Tessa is in a lesson with her Uncle Bleys when he receives a mysterious trump call.

Bleys clears his throat. "My brother Caine will be arriving from Chaos. Be polite, be wary and do -not- trust him."

Tessa's brow arches, then she nods. "May I ask you why later?"

Bleys only replies with a swift nod of his head, his hand reaching out into empty air.

Caine has arrived.
Caine appears in a cascade of rainbows.

Before you, you can see a man of medium height, dark hair, and a medium tan. He is wearing striking green clothing, with a pair of intricately carved and jewelled daggers in the belt at his waist. Atop his head sits a tri-corner hat, and the eyes beneath betray both a love of life and a long lifetime of thinking and dreaming.... Caine bows to the lady present, and nods to Bleys, and takes back the hand used to bring him here

Bleys and Thessaly are relaxing on the couch, evidence of the remains of a light snack on a platter nearby. Bleys gestures towards his lovely companion with a smile. "Caine, may I present our niece, Thessaly. Niece, this is your uncle, Prince Caine."

Tessa sits upon a couch, posture exemplary and a smile upon her lips. She inclines her head to the bow, and then rises, extending her hand. "How do you do?"

Caine smiles and kisses the hand of lady Thessaly, "I am very well thank you. How do you find Amber in this season?"

Tessa offers another, slightly warmer smile at the touch of your lips to her hand. "I find it quite well. Quite intriguing."

Caine stands tall again, "Is this perhaps your first visit to our most wonderous of all cities then, or have I missed the pleasure of your company on my roamings?

Tessa's head cants faintly to the side. "I have been here a time, but not long enough to have before seen you Uncle."

Caine says, "It is a pleasure then, to meet you here. I must take me leave of my brother however, and impose on him some other time."

Tessa offers a smile to Bleys, and then one to Caine. "As must I as I have an appointment with Sir Cal shortly."

Bleys rises to his feet, grasping a bottle of wine from the sideboard. "Until then, brother...a taste of home."

Caine nods, and accepts a draught of the wine, wiping a trace from the corner of his lips before taking his leave, "My thanks."

Tessa pauses at the door, opening it and then laying a hand upon it's fram as she turns her head back over her shoulder. "Shall I see you tomorrow Uncle Bleys?"

Caine turns and looks at Tessa, "Perhaps I can escort you, unless you have to finish business with your Uncle before you leave..."

Nodding his head slowly, Bleys makes a shooing gesture in Tessa's direction. "Tomorrow at the usual time will be fine, Tessa."

Tessa nods to Bleys and then to Caine. "I would be quite pleased by your escort Uncle Caine."

Caine walks to the door, glances one last time to Bleys, and stands just outside the door for a moment, "Then come, and walk with me."

Tessa joins him, letting the door shut behind her.

Caine says, ""Where did you have planned to go, and how do you prefer to be addressed, my lady niece, if I can be so blunt?"

"You may." Tessa says briskly. "I return to my chambers for lessons," there is a brief pause as she looks to the north end of the hall. "Which lie upstairs. And I am often addressed Tessa. You of course have leave to do so as well."

Caine lifts the corners of his mouth in a small smile, "Of course. Then Tessa, please lead on, and perhaps in the future we can take some time to speak of life. I am curious to learn of yours, away from Amber."

Tessa offers back a small smile of her own. "I am not often away from Amber at this time. And most here could tell you of my life. I study, with near constancy. I do, in fact, lead quite a bookish existance." Her steps take her northwards to the end of the hall.

Caine follows Tessa, staying wide and a step behind her, "I don't wish to hear rumour and innuendo about your life, I'd much prefer your own view of it. Not to worry yourself though, we have all endured the necessary studies, and even come to enjoy such searching and learning"

Tessa pauses in her steps when she notices you are not keeping pace with her. "Do I perhaps walk with too much speed Uncle Caine?" she queries. "If you have injuries from your feats in the war I would be happy to slow my pace to yours."

Caine laughs, "My dear, tis customary to walk a step behind when one is escorting in certain circles, unless you wish me as another sort of escort enitrely, which I am certain my Brother might frown upon! For you however, I shall not stray from your side."

Tessa offers an almost coquettish smile. "That is kind. Having someone a bare step behind me at all times gives me the most unnerving sensations of being followed, and the thought that if I turned with too much speed I should trip over someone." She pauses. "And I'd really hate for you to find me ungraceful so soon after meeting me."

Caine smiles gently, motioning for you to head on again. "I doubt it is a danger, but it is a simple enough request, unlike many I have been asked over the years. In any event, your company is pleasant, so allow me to enjoy it a little longer as we walk. Pleasure is always to be embraced when you can."

Tessa's head cants once again to look at you for a moment, then she looks back to her path. "I have found that nearly all things I embrace, I find pleasure in. At least for a time."

Caine looks around the corridors as we walk, enjoying the familiar surrounds, "Tell me Tessa, of your youth away from here. Where did you spend your childhood, and doing what?"

Tessa's smiles faintly, as she sets foot upon the stairs and begins the climb. "I spent my childhood as a thousand or more other children must have. With much time in school, much time in trouble, and much time running quite wild." she smiles then. "In particular, I spent much time in a studio upon a dance floor."

Caine nods quietly, "A useful pursuit, and one that can be quite relaxing at times, despite my own lack of skill at times. May I ask which world you call your own?"

Tessa offers a wry grin. "I haven't picked one yet. I'm still pondering the idea of desired shadows really."

Caine grins a wry grin of his own, "Desires are an ever changing thing at the best of times I have found. I did mean your home, the place you are most comfortable."

"Why this is my home Uncle Caine." Tessa pauses. "It is, afterall where my family is."

Caine says, "Only in recent times. Until recently, more were to be found away than in residence here, except for special occasions. As I said, all things change. Still, no doubt you will find places to call your own in due time.""

"I do hope so." Tessa says pleasantly. "Even if my desires do change."

Caine laughs, "You will, you will. One things my brother did neglect was to mention where in our twisted family tree you fit. Would you care to enlighten me?"

Tessa offers a bright smile as she turns to you. "Why of course. I am Random's daughter."

Caine says, "Ah, bright child of our young King."

Tessa inclines her head. "So I am."

Caine motions for Tessa to continue to lead on, "The family of Amber always was a twisted tree, polished with a veneer of politeness. I hope the old envies have passed you by."

Tessa's tone becomes light and teasing. "Should you ever horribly show me up upon the dance floor I'll show you my envious side by stepping on your toes."

Caine says, "You must forgive my mood Tessa, I am recently come from a field I would rather have avoided. I have had some times I shall long remember here, and Amber shall always be my home."

Tessa inclines her head briefly again. "You have said naught to cause offense." she says gently. "And from my time here I can understand why one would always consider Amber home."

Caine nods his head meaningfully, "Even more so for those of us who called this place home for so long."

Tessa makes a soft sound of agreement. "I have found I often learn how very valuable things are to me when they are threatened." she pauses. "how much I take for granted."

Caine looks at you a little closer, "You have had such threats?"

Tessa offers a glance back, a bit of surprise mirrored in her eyes. "I am young Uncle. But not so young that I have never had anything I valued greatly taken from me."
"Nor so young that I have not fought to restore it."

Caine says, "Youth is often an appearance as much as reality with us too. I don't doubt your experience, or your willingness to fight for your desires."

Tessa nods once. "In creatures of our longevity, at some point, youth must all become relative." she says and finishes her ascent of the stairs.

Caine says, "How have the others treated you since you arrived here Tessa? Well I hope"

"Quite well, thank you." Tessa says curtly. "People have been quite interested in my wellfare."

Caine shows a small frown, "I have seen the deaths of two of my siblings recently, and one tends to think on these things, even if just a little."

Tessa nods slightly. "Such an occurrence would give one cause for much thinking." she pauses. "In most of us."

Caine says, "One word of advice, take it for what you may. Trust no-one but yourself, and do what you must, when you may."
Caine stops in the corridor, "Your room I presume?"

Tessa's brow arches faintly, and a smile, a sly one finds it's way to her lips. "Wise words. And unique compared to those I have heard here." she casts a glance to the door, then returns it to you and nods. "Yes." she says curtly, and then extends her hand to you. "I thank you for your escort Uncle Caine. And the company."

Caine smiles a bright smile once again, and kisses your hand a second time, "A pleasure, and perhaps we shall see a touch more of each other now."

Tessa smiles again, her cheeks gaining a touch of color at the touch of your lips. "I would enjoy that. Farewell for now, Uncle Caine."

Caine turns, still smiling, "Goodbye Tessa." Caine walks back down the stairs, disappearing from sight

Tessa slips a key into the lock of her door, and turning it the door opens to allow her inside.