October Project

It's late. I guess with all these flickering candles I'm trying to find myself again. Good luck. What's a cookie when it isn't the last Magic Flying Cookie? Just something sweet that grants flight only to the tongue. I suppose it's just as well.

This is a pretty thing. It's what happens from being immersed in all of this light and this music. It's all I will say about this band, because I don't think I can do it in words.

I've seen the same stale things over and over out in the looming, luminous web, so here is something new (I hope). The pictures below are © Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and were lovingly selected from the "October Project Live at the TLA" video. Please don't bitch at me about my lack of pictures of the males of this delicacy. Perhaps if you ask nicely I might yet worm them in.

A number of people have asked me how they can obtain this video. Sadly, it was only offered for a limited time, and is no longer available. I am also continuously asked about what the band is doing now that they have broken up. Julie Flanders and Emil Adler have a new band called November Project. I've heard that Mary has been lending her voice to a few television commercials, and apparently has a solo album coming out, as does Merina Belica.

Mary Fahl & Marina Belica

Mary Fahl

Mary Fahl

Marina Belica

Mary Fahl

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