The Golden Feather Award

So, here I am concrafting up an "award" that I can add to the plethora of awards already out there on the webby sea. Just who do I think I am? Does it matter?

I am Julie Catanzaro. When I was 6, I wrote that I wanted to be an artist and a baker. So far I'm doing a pretty darn good job.

I have faults like everyone else. We all share the same stories.

There should be no shame in living out our lives, nor in loving. (I have loved many people, and most of them know who they are.)

I wanted to come up with something I could give to those who I feel have produced something sparkly on this restless sea. Just a little momento to reassure - "I see you there. Thank you for this beauty."

Please do not apply for this "award." The feathers are scattered out as I see fit, to those pages I find that drape their particular spells over me for a time. But do enjoy them. I hear they're particularly good with a cup of tea....

Stephanie's Thoughtful Spot

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Joyce Tenneson

Since there was no e-mail address on her page, I could not mail her an award, but she has one in spirit nonetheless. She is an amazing photographic artist.

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