Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So, the last couple weeks have been... busy.
My cousin Nathan has been staying with us, and he's never really a problem. Very quiet and perfectly content to entertain himself. But the Dempsey's were also staying with us this weekend, and that made seven people in the house altogether, which was a little crowded for my taste. Great to see them, but it was just a lot going on in a short amount of time between them staying with us, Paul Vakey's wedding on Saturday and my taking care of Adam and Emily's animals while they were on vacation.
Interesting story about that, though. I was sure they were getting back Saturday, but then I forgot to get over there Saturday morning just to check up and make sure everybody was ok what with the wedding and craziness and all that. So I told dad I needed to do that, and he said 'just go tomorrow morning', and with everything else going on in my addled brain I somehow decided that meant Adam and Emily wouldn't be home until Sunday. As Adam later pointed out, I should know bwetter than to assume dad knows what he's talking about when it comes to schedules. So when I went over Sunday morning I surprised them and felt really stupid. But at least I saved them a trip by dropping off the keys while I was there.
Also, I bought a new digital camera. It's a Canon Powershot A460. The old camera finally got to a point where I couldn't get it to work well enough. The battery compartment doesn't close anymore because a tiny piece of plastic snapped off. Now the problem is going to be deciding what to do with it because I don't wanna just throw it out. Any ideas? You think anybody would buy it off e-Bay knowing it has this problem?
In other news, I saw the new Die Hard movie. I knew what to expect, and I got it. Lots of action. Explosions. Bruce Willis taking a beating but winning in the end anyway. It was a great, completly improbably escape. After watching it I realized it was completely brilliant from a psychological perspective because it somehow gets you to suspend disbelief to a point of absolute absurdity. You believe Bruce Willis can actually take down a fighter jet with a semi while speeding down a destroyed highway flyover. Physically impossible things occur, but you believe it because you see that he gets hurts in the process. Unlike other action heroes he actually suffers visible wounds, so it seems more plausible. He isn't indestructible like James Bond or Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible movies. He's just really, really stubborn and lucky.
All the craziness of the last couple weeks has put a serious strain on my relationship with Jess because I haven't been around to talk to her as much as either of us would like. She had me up until nearly 4am on Friday night arguing because she wants more of a commitment out of me. This, I'm almost sure, is prompted by my saying I was going to a wedding. While I think that's understandable, I've told her repeatedly that talking to me at all that late at night is a poor idea because I can't think and end up just walking away because I need to go to bed. BUt she doesn't get it. She insists on staying up fighting until we solve everything even though we never do. You'd think she'd get the idea after this happens every time she tries it. I tell her I need sleep and we can better solve the problem in the morning when we're both rested and thinking clearly, but then she gets mad at me and says I don't care and my attempts to help make things worse so I just give up trying and go to bed. I'm sick of this. I really sat down and had a long conversation with her yesterday about everything. I think we accomplished something, but that isn't always a good thing.


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