Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good News: had a great time up in Meadville. Spent a good chunk of time with Jess, got to see her finish her comp, see a bunch of friends, Francesca and my grandmother. Also, in completely unrelated news, Futuresight is out in just over a week.

Bad News: Didn't get around to see the Bakkens like I've been meaning to every time I'm up there. Also, my car got locked in a construction zone for an hour when I was getting ready to leave on Tuesday. There was literally nowhere else to park because they're tearing up the ONE visitor lot that exists on Allegheny's campus. Also, Nana was talking about selling the Farm, which really depresses me. I understand why, it's a lot to handle without my grandfather, but I love that place.

But really, the thing that has me worried the most? My mother's in surgery probably right about now. I know it isn't a huge, life-threatening procedure, but all surgery has risks.


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