Friday, February 02, 2007

The triumphant and angry return of Things That Piss Me Off

#12,347: My favorite radio station randomly disappeared, and was replaced by this. Now, I'm all for running off of renewable energy, but I fail to see why this required an entire change of station, and the type of music they play, and everything. I am now very tempted to boycott CBS in quite rage. Yes, CBS owns the station. I could live with that. Now I'm just angry that they didn't bother telling anybody. Yes, I got an e-mail about it. But I would have hoped they'd have made a big deal about it on air. Or did they spring it as a surprise to their employees, too? "Oh, wait. We don't want to play good music any more. And by the way, you're all fired. Get out."

#12,348: People who don't know how to drive.
#12,348a: People who don't know how to drive in anything other than perfect weather.
#12,348b: People who don't signal when they decide to cut me off or randomly cut across four lanes so you can continue to do 95mph in a 55 zone. Jackass.
#12,348c: People who leave their brights on and thereby blind me.
#12,348d: People who hit me in a parking lot and then drive off.

#12,349: Companies that "don't take calls about jobs." How the hell am I supposed to follow up with them, then? Stupid Association of Zoos and Aquariums. I would've loved that job, and been damn good at it. But I have to assume they didn't even look at my resume. It's been, what? Three months now? Just about. Their loss. Oh, wait. No, it's mine because I need the money.

#12,350: This is a bog one. I'm really pissed off at Marvel Comics this week. Why, you ask? Because of their one-shot entitled Civil War: The Return. On the off chance than somebody who might actually care will read this, I won't give away who's return it's about. But I'm pissed off because it was the one character I trusted them to leave dead out of respect for the character and a very well written death. But no! Dammit. Where's something to punch when you need it?


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