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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


So I went in for a re-exam at the chiroprachtor today. I'm amazed at how much better I'm doing. I mean, yes I feel better, but seeing the results as compared to when I first came in, or even to my last exam... I mean, wow. I've only got a couple places that are still out of whack in my neck and mid back. Whixh is exactly where I feel the most pain. And I'm not even sure those are from the accident. BUt it is possible that I could get all fixed up before my insurance stops paying for me, which would be great, 'cause I really can't afford to keep going until I get a better job.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dad, then work

my father got home from his trip to Iraq today. THere was much relief on everyone's part. I was seriously worried. I think I'll sleep better tonight knowing he's home safe and sound.

Work: I need to be in at 8am tomorrow. As well as on Saturday. And possibly on Sunday as well. Why, you ask? Because, as is the case with so much in life, everything that should have gotten done weeks ago is getting done at the last minute. This is nobody's fault, we've all been very busy doing our real jobs, in addition to everything needed to get the place looking perfect for the big client open house on Monday. And so, as a Facilities Assistant, I get to show up and try to organize the chaos and generally be as helpful as one person possibly can be. I am going to be exhausted and miserable next week. No way to prepare for Halloween. Just have to get extra rest when I can, go to bed early and try to eat right. Which means I need to magically make time to go grocery shopping. Oh, and I need to do laundry.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Phone

I have a new phone! Yay! It only does what I need it to, which is make calls and store numbers. And remind me to do stuff. But no bells and whistles. Don't need those things. It os now safe to call me again.

Friday, October 13, 2006

why must everything I own break>

My cell phone just broke. IN half. And my parents are gone. I don't know if I can get a new one or not without them, since they pay for my service plan. MAybe they'll decide I need to pay for it myself now. I hope not, because I really can't afford that.m I think I can afford to buy a new phone though. I don't know what to do. I have no access to anybody's number now, and no way for anyone to get ahold of me either. Including potential employers.
If it's not my car (which, incidentally, needs an oil change but that's easy enough to get done), or my computer it's my phone. My entire life just seems to be falling apart before I can get it all together.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So, just about now, my father should be getting on a plane to go to Iraq for 10 days or so. I am understandably worried. But Iraq is part of his new department, so we knew this was coming sooner or later. Best to get it done now and out of the way. Keeping fingers crossed and hopes up that everything goes safely and he gets back here safe and sound.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Good-bye Griffin

Griffin died Friday afternoon. He was a good little boy. He always gave kisses, and loved to have his ears scratched. Once, while I was sitting in JEss' room knitting a hat in the round, Griffin waddled over and stuck his head inside the half-knit hat. HE decided it looed comfy, so he crawled in and curled up in there, with his little head sticking out.
I miss him. I'm sorry I can't be there for Jess now, when I know she needs me.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wedding pictures

These are all long overdue. But now that I have high-speed internet, I can upload them amazingly fast.

Brian and Jen's wedding in S. Carolina

Chris and Libby's wedding in Erie, PA:

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother's birthday. We went to the Circus on SUnday, which is a family tradition. It was good to get that going again, as it's been a while since we were all in one place at the same time.
Also, we all had dinner over at my parents' house tonight. CHinese food, which seemed somehow appropriate, since I knit mom a fortune co0kie for her birthday. Even if I couldn't spell and somehow left the 'h' out of 'birthday' on the little message I wrote. But I also bought her cool honey and beeswax soap from the Rennaisance Faire on Saturday, which my friend Taryn reccomended. That was a good time. too.