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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Oh, god. Beckett is dead. He was doing better. His eye infection had spread to both eyes, but it was clearing up. He was eating and seemed alright. I was looking forward to seeing him again this weekend when I went up to visit Jess. And now he's just gone. I miss him. He was such a sweet little boy. So cute and dopey looking with his big dumbo ears. SOme of these pictures (the really grainy, fuzzy ones) are from when we first got him and he was living in my room in the Writers' House my Junior year inside a cardboard box. HE'd climb up my shirt and stick his head in my moputh. He was just so loving he wasn't afraid of anything. And he had a little paper bag, and he'd try to steal my hand and pull it inside. As he grew, he turned into a little pudding-rat. He'd just tumble all over the place. He was always getting picked on by Jess' other rats. Griffin used to use him for a pillow. And he'd always squeak real loud and go running to Jess. Little mama's boy. And when we first got him, he had mites, so we had to keep giving him baths. He hated that. And one time, he escaped his box and we found him under the sofa, just sitting there looking all innocent. But that's how he always was. Never had a mean thought in his life.

I miss you, Beckett. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. I hope you remembered me. I'll always remember you.


Jess said...

He loved you. I always told him that his daddy loved him. I told him you were coming to visit us, I'm sorry he didn't last one more week. =((((

11:07 PM EST  

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