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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dad, then work

my father got home from his trip to Iraq today. THere was much relief on everyone's part. I was seriously worried. I think I'll sleep better tonight knowing he's home safe and sound.

Work: I need to be in at 8am tomorrow. As well as on Saturday. And possibly on Sunday as well. Why, you ask? Because, as is the case with so much in life, everything that should have gotten done weeks ago is getting done at the last minute. This is nobody's fault, we've all been very busy doing our real jobs, in addition to everything needed to get the place looking perfect for the big client open house on Monday. And so, as a Facilities Assistant, I get to show up and try to organize the chaos and generally be as helpful as one person possibly can be. I am going to be exhausted and miserable next week. No way to prepare for Halloween. Just have to get extra rest when I can, go to bed early and try to eat right. Which means I need to magically make time to go grocery shopping. Oh, and I need to do laundry.


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