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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A very difficult weekend

I was very happy about CHis and Libby's wedding. Even if it did pour down rain all day so they had to have it in a church instead of on the beach. And the reception was still on the beach in a crowded tent and it was very cold. But it was good to be around everybody again, given what else we were all there for. I have pictures from both the weddings and will post those at some point, I swear.
The funeral was... emotional. It was sad because Pop-pop's gone, but we were all moved by how many people were there and what they all had to say. I actually think I laughed more than I cried, and really, that makes it a good day, doesn't it? I miss him. A lot. I'm still having a hard time accepting that he's gone. Being in the house in Erie was tough for me because he wasn't there. He's always been there, sitting in his big easy chair in the back room, reading the paper or watching the news. I know he loved me, and I love him, too. It was good to have everybody around for support. These things are never easy, but it always helps to have family there to help you through it.
I was able to get down to MEadville on Monday night and see Jess, giver her her birthday present and spernd some time with here. Also saw Sam, briefly, and Evil Thom. Missed Rose completely, but I'll call her in a couple days on her birthday. Also would have liked to see Francesca, but just ran out of time. Oh well, I'll call her this weekend I guess. Or sometime this week after 8, when I have unlimited minutes.
I know there was something else I wanted to say here, but I suddenly forgot what it was. I'm sure I'll think of it at like, 4am and sit bolt upright and then try to fight the urge to get online and write it out immediately.


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