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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Work and the car

So I've been doing work for Bode Technologies for a good week and a half now. MY uncle works there, and they're in the process of moving their offices, so they need temp help to do that. I've spent the last week in front of a computer scanning in important documents. It says something when the most exciting thing that happens to you all day is a paper jam.
But tomorrow, I'm going over to the new site to disinfect everything, which means scubbing down all the walls and floors with bleach.
In order to get paid properly, I had to go get hired by a temp company, which required a visit to Alexandria. Not fun, but it was neccesary. Speaking of which, I need to go in tomorrow morning to a lab somewhere in Springfield and get a drug test done so thay can actually write me a check once they see that I'm clean.
THe car. Oh, the car. Need to take that in sometime soon to get the emissions inspection. You remember the problem I was having with the diagnostic connector? I took it to a Honda dealer, and they said they had an adapter, so they could do the test, no problem. As soon as my car gets to the front of the line an hour and a half later, their computer breaks. SO I need to go back there sometime this week. Maybe I can take off early from work on Thursday and get there about 3:30, then just leave from there to drive down to CHarlottesville?
Why am I driving to Charlottesville? to meet up with my uncle and cousin and go down to South Carolina on Friday for my cousin Brian's wedding on Saturday. There's a family reunion down there this week, but I needed to be the responsible adult and keep working this week as well as look for a real job.


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