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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The saga continues...

SO, this week I spent all of Wednesday at the Honda dealership trying to figure out exactly what was wrong with the '96 Accord I recenmtly purchased. I have an answer, but not a solution. The car, which was in an accident in 1999 under it's first owner, had its electrical system replaced, and they used the system from a '94 Accord. At the time, this caused no problems. When the guy I bought it from got an emissions inspection a year ago, it caused no problems. Then in November of '05, the state changed the rules for how emissions inspections are conducted. This is when it would have become a problem. Now, instead of taking a reading from the tailpipe, you need to have information downloaded from the onboard computer. And since Honda started using the OBD2 connector in '96, I have an OBD1 connector from '94 in my '96 Accord. The cost of replacing the electrical system is at least $2,600 which is nearly as much as I paid for the car in the first place. And that's if nothing else needs replacing, which it probably will because the new parts would cause problems interacting with the old ones.
SO my options are:
1) pay for it, and just owe my parents that money, too
2) try to get the previous owner to take it back and give me a refund
3) try to get the state to give me an extension or exepmtion from their new rules by arguing extreme circumstances so that I can have the time to register it before Tuesday when I won't be able to legally drive it any more because it won't be registered.
4) Give it to charity and let my parents take the tax-deduction, than try to find a car for whatever amount the deduction is. Which means an even older and less-reliable car than this one, most likely.


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