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Saturday, August 05, 2006

THe ongouing saga of Ben and the cars

In order to register my car, I need to get an emissions inspection. OK. SOunds simple, right? Well, it would have been if the computer port was behind the ashtray like it's supposed to be. This being the dataport that theyneed to plug the computer into to do the emissions inspection, they couldn't do it when I took it in on Wednesday. So I took it back Thursday, and the inspection guy had called in sick. So I got up at 6am this morning to take it in again. The shop guys couldn't find it this morning. Adam, looked at it last night, and he couldn't find it either. I left the car with them and went over to help my mom unpack the stuff from storage.
Around 5, I get a call, and they explain the situation to me. They found the data port eventually. THe problem now? It's the wrong kind. Now, this doesn't neccesarily mean they can't do the inspection (although I think it may), but rather that my car, a '96 Accord, should not have this type of port in it. It should have a newr type. So the service station can't do the inspection until they get hold of somebody at the Environmental Safety Comission otr whover it is in charge of these things. So now I wait until they call me back on Monday (probably Tuesday, realistically), and hope for good news.


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