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Saturday, July 15, 2006

So I haven't posted in two weeks

Sorry about that. But then I've never been very good at posting frequently, have I?

Anyway, still looking for a job. Had an interview on Thursday the 6th, with ISS that I thought went well. IT's an editorial posistion, which would be nice, but the stuff i'd be editing wouldn't be particularly enthralling, I'm afraid. Also, their offie is all the way oput in Rockville. For those who don't know the DC area, that's in Maryland, so it would be a commute on the beltway every day, which would be a pain. But, I wouldn't have to be in until 10am, so theoretically, I could avoid most of rush hour.
Waiting to hear back from them, countinuing to follow leads ald apply in the meantime.

On the car front, I found a really nice '96 Accord for $4,000 with all the records and in excellent condition. It's a great car. But it's a stick shift. I'm taking a lesson tomorrow to learn how to drive the thing before I put any money down for it. If I find it's completely impossible, I'll either scrap the idea and keep looking, or buy it anyway and let my parents have it when they get back.

Not having a car really sucks. To get to the interview, I had to walk to the train station at 8:00am to catch the last commuter train at 8:20 (the station's 1/2 a mile from my house, which is nice), take it into Union Station, get on the Red Line Metro there, rie it all the way out to the end of the line, then catch a cab to the actual office building because I'd missed the bus due to the Metro having mechanical problems and unloading everybody to wait for the next train about halfway through my trip. Caught the Bus back to the Metro after the interview. NOw, my interview was at 1:30. This means I got on the Metro at noon to give myself a half-hour buffer in case of delays, knowing the trip would take an hour. And, as I said, I had to be on the VRE train at 8:20. Arrived in Union Station about 9am. This means I spent three hours wandering around Union Station. Not hard to do, but not particularly fun, either.

Oh, and did I mention the interview was supposed to be on Wednesday, but I showed up at their DC office instead of in ROckville, because nobody told me where I should go? Yeah, that made me feel extra-stupid.


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