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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Okay. So, I just set up my dial-up internet access with one of those AOL CDs. Yes, I hate them, too. But, theoretically, I can get my money back within 90 days, and I'm hoping Luis can set up some way to get us high-speed before then.

In other news, spent a week visiting Jess. It was fun. Our 2 year anniversary was back on the 1st, so it was good to get together with her. But I do need to be looking for a job, as my entire family tells me. And I am. I've applied to 10 places already, and been rejected by two of them.

It's gonna be a long summer of this kind of thing. Right now I just feel anxious about getting it done and finding something because I'm living off limited funds, and stuff is costing more than expected. $300 for new contacts and an eye exam. $285 for new lenses in my glasses. And I still need to get to the dentist, and afford food and rent, plus 1/3 of the townhouse's utilities. The sooner I find something, the better.


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