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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Grades and random stuff

So, grades went up today.
Senior Project B
Ecological Economics C+
Dada and Surrealism A-

I'm pretty happy with those grades. THey're fair for the amount and quality of my work for the semester. Importantly: I passed, so I actually will graduate!

Other random things:
1) I left a note on someone's windshiled because they were blocking my driveway. I got a nice, apologetic note back from them. THis is how things arte supposed to work.
2) I've slowly been moving my stuff up to my grandparents' in Erie. And have moved Jess' stuff into my living room, since she's staying here until the 15th, after my graduattion.
3) Need to pick up commencement tickets. I only get 5, but I'll need, like nine. Nana+Pop-Pop+2 parents+Grandma+Adam+Emily+Jess+ Jimmy McLaren=9. The weather looks like it may not cooperate, so they may do it in the gym just to be on the safe side. I've got my fingers crossed hoping, though.
4) I go to pick up Mom at the Erie Airport tomorrow, and drop off more of my stuff at Nana and Pop-pop's in Erie. May as well take a load of stuff since I'm going up there anyway.


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