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Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Break

Am in Fairfax now, staying with Adam until Friday, when I will head back to New Jersey to spend a couple days with Jess' family, then go back to school. Had a good time with them this weekend, but driving here yesterday was a pain. I95 is a mess, and I ended up paying nearly $12 in tolls. Stopped to see Grandma yesterday, which was nice. Had lunch and played Scrabble. I won, but then I got all the high scoring tiles, which helps.
HAve an interview set up for Wed with a friend of my mother's who works for Conservation International, and will make some calls here shortly to other people about setting up interviews.
Will probably go see the Dada show at the National Gallery, too and try to see some of my friends while I'm here.
And somewhere between all this, work on my comp.
"Break", yeah, right.


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