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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Job Search part II

Yes, I'm late in getting this done. I've been busy, okay?
Thursday, I had an interview with EEI out in their Silver Spring office at 9am. Very early day. But on the plus side, I think it went well. I took the Copy Editing exam, too. I feel ok about it. I know I probably made a few mistakes somewhere, though.

Friday I drove back to New Jersey and spent the weekend with Jess' family. no trouble finding the house, but there was the hour of my life I lost when I stopped for gas. Apparently, somebody decided those five minutes were the perfect time to have an accident and block the only way back to I-95. On the plus side, I did give a dollar to some kids wandering around at traffic lights collecting for a local animal shelter.

SUnday, came back to school. Monday. class and work for Francesca. I agreed to go in again on Friday, but I should call and try to reschedule, since that's the day Jess and I go to the Humane Society. Maybe I can just come in next Monday instead.

Have an Art History paper due Thursday that I need to research and write. Tomorrow. Should have started it over the break, but really--who thought I actually would?

SO... yeah. Busy, busy busy. Comp due two weeks from Friday.


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