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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Job Hunt: Episode 1

So... I've actually acomplished things while here in Fairfax. I've made some calls, and that's good. Was downtown all day today. Had an interview with a friend of my mom's who works for Conservation International. They don't realluy have any openings right now, but you never know. And she made some suggestions of other laces to look, and other things i can do to make myself more hirable.

THen I spent essentially the rest of the day with my frind Taryn--whom I hadn't seen since High School, and only recently got in contact with again through the magic of Facebook--and we had lunch at the old NAtional Post Office from this Indian Food place that was there. mmm... Indian food. THat took us back. Then we went to the Dada show at the National Gallery of Art, then spent the rest of the day wandering aroung the museum and just looking at stuff. FUn times.

Oh, and I was able to get together with Katie Buoni last night to just kinda hang out. HAppy about that, too.

I've got an interview tommorrow morning at 9am in SIlver Spring--hello Metro at 7:45!--with EEI, an editorial temp firm that my mother did some work with back when we first moved to Fairfax. Well, not so much an interview, but kinda. I'll meet their HR guy 'cause he's out there right now, and take the proficiency test to see if I'm even qualified to work for them. Fingers crossed!


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