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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bad Week

The last week's just been super busy.

First, the College Bowl. Not as great as I had hoped. Allegheny came in dead last i our division with a 1-7 record. At least we didn't lose every game. What dissapoints me most is my own performance. I could have done so much better than I did. I knew stuff, but I was just nervous, so I'd buzz and then say it before being recognized, which lost us points.
Also, the office of Student Activities messed a bunch of stuff up. THey were late getting everything prepared to begin with, then we got to the hotel and found that we had rooms for one night, not two. We decided to get the one room left for the next night. There was no way we were going to try driving six hours at nine p.m. on Saturday. But then, oh, then... we find out the school's credit card was overdrawn and could only cover one room Friday night! All I can say is I had better get that check soon to cover gas, food, and stuff.
So anyway, it was all a big hassle, and I can't help thinking it wasn't worth the stress of driving there and back.

Then on Monday, I worked for Francesca until 7:30 (an hour and a half later than usual), to help make up for the day I missed about a month agho. Went in Tuesday from 3:30-7:30 for the same reason. Got a lot accomplished, but it ate into my time.

Wednesday, I drove way out into Ohio starting around 2:00 with Jess to take a dog to her new home. I'm happy about it, really. She's a sweet dog, and seems to be getting along with her new family. It's just been a lot of driving this week, is all.

And somewhere between all this, I managed to get poems written for my comp, too. Still not sure how, exactly, but I did. Will meet with BAkken tomorrow to discuss them. Can't forget to do that like I did the last time. I felt really stupid then and sent him an apologetic e-mail.

So, for this week: discuss poems with BAkken
write paper for ES class, due Friday
more comp work
find a time to get up to Erie. Haven't seen Nana and Pop-Pop in a while
look into jobs at NAtional Park Service that mom e-mailed me about
all this in addition to the stuff I usually do like reading for class, working for Francesca on Monday, and comp work (yes, I know that's on the list. I need to step it up and write more than usual).


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