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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February: HAlf over, and it still feels endless

so, here's what's happened so far this month.
BAD things: broken rear windshield wiper, $75 to repair. I blame drunken frat boys. THe thing was just lying in the mud one morning. Not a natural occurence.
Missed work last week, since I wasn't feeling well.
Not nearly as much of my comp done as I should.
I have papers due next week. Need to do research and write them. WHen will I have the time? I'll have to make some.

GOOD things: Watched Super Bowl with friends. Pittsburgh won.
Friends appreciating my overdue Christmas gifts from Israel.
Valentine's Day- Good because Jess really liked the stuffed bunny I knit for her. I'll have to get pictures and post them later.
I joined Facebook. This allowed me to get in touvh with old friends I haven't talked to since graduating from High School. Yea, internet!


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