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Friday, January 06, 2006

From Isreal

Happy (belated) New Year!
Have been travelling around a lot. A Honda Civic is cramped with 5 adults and luggage in it. Thankfully, this isn't a very large country, so rides are never more than a couple hours. Lots of walking. My feet are sore. Dead Sea mud still feels good on my skin. Seems to have helped my hair, too.
Have seen a lot of the things I saw last January, but its okay, because those were for Adam and Emily anyway. Its been good spending time with them. And there were new things, too: Meggido, parts of Jerusalem I didn't see, the place they found the Dead Sea Scrolls. Fun stuff. It's a lot warmer thios year then it was this time last year.
I have been writing. A lot. This is good. Am Enjoying reading Whitman. Have also started Richard Adams's Shardik. It's very different from his first and best known novel, Watership Down, but excellent in a different way so far.
Have been knitting gifts for people. Will get them to you when I'm home again and can finish them properly (they need stuffing still).
In any case... yeah. My dad had wanted to try and go to Petra after Adam and Emily leave tomorrow night. As much as I want to get there, I knew I wouldn't have the energy for it. And now he's sick, and will be super busy as Israeli Prime Minister Sharon is hovering on what seems to be his deathbed. Which is a Bad Thing for any kind of peace efforts here. So that won't be happening.
I have a whole bunch of stuff I need to figure out how best to pack. My parent's were very generous with the gifts this year. Many of them are kinda fragile, so I need to be careful packing them propery. I had foolishly thought there would be less in my suitcase coming back then there was going since I was bringing gifts for people.
Silly me!
In any case, I leave here Thursday night so I have down time until then essentially. WHich is nice. School starts the next Wednesday, but I think I'll come back down to Meadville on Monday. Just get settled in. And see Jess (I miss you!) and other people before classes start and we all get busy again.


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