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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

So, it's Halloween. I've always enjoyed this holiday. Butit's a Monday. WHich dampens it just a tad because 1)It's Monday, 2) I have tio go to work for 5 hours, 3)I didn't sleep well last night. Yes, this has nothing to do with it being Monday, I know. Anyway, ARGO (Allegheny Role-Playing and Gaming Organization) has a party tonight, so I'll be going to that. So much for getting any work done tonight.

Also, this whole daylight-savings time thing is messing me up. It feels an hour later that it is. It's dfark when I get up in the morning, and it'll be dark by the time I get off work today. It won't be pleasant.

Monday, October 17, 2005

yay, mail!

Got the VisaBuxx card today. Just need to activate it
Also got cake from Grandma. Haven't opened that yet.
Got a lot done for Francesca today--managed to get out a mass
mailing, finally! Things will be so much easier now, after we get
responses back from people about staying on the mailing list. Just
sorry I had to come back down from Erie. Would've enjoyed more time
with Nana and Pop-pop.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

oh yeah. Now I remember

4) The MS Word plug-in for Blogger, although convenient, annoys me. It seems to convert all my apostrophe's into question marks. At least When I look at the posts.

5) Just updated a couple pages for anyone who cares. It seems I've lost some of my work from last year in my workshops, or I'd put that up too. I either misplaced the files and can't find them, or the school server ater them. Either way, I'm annyed. I think I have copies of some of the poems post-revision, but I'm not sure. May post those later.

assorted things

1) Still no sign of my Visabuxx card. Should be here soon, though. (fingers crossed)

2) Went to Cheeseman's Haunted Hayride on Friday with Erin, Bridget, Brad and Steve (and, I'm embarrassed to say, some other people whose names I can't remember). Brought back memories of when we all went Freshman year. Good times.

3) Am so looking forward to Fall Break this weekend. I need it. I'm just feeling burned out. Should call Nana and Pop-pop and see what they'll be up to.

4) There's a four? I know there was, but now I can't remember what I was going to put here.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I rock!

I actually feel like I'm accomplishing things. Here's what I did yesterday:
paid the ticket/got new parking decal
e-mailed Amare re: Art/Env minor. Looks good to her.
wrote a poem for class
attended the meetings for both knitting and chess clubs
got some reading done

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy birthday, mom!

Itís my motherís birthday. This is a good thing. Iím just sorry I canít be there to celebrate with her, since she left for Israel on Friday. Iím also sorry I didnít get her anything. She gave me a birthday present before she left (very early, but I wonít complain), and Iím working on something for her with the alpaca wool she got me. Yes, Iím getting even more into this knitting thing.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

stray thoughts and a geeky rant

Things on my mind this weekend:
  1. My Visabuxx card expired at the end of September. Whereís my new one? I have no idea. Possibly my father hasnít looked for it in the pile of mail heís gotten in Israel. Thatís ok, I have money, but still. Iím annoyed that they refuse to send it to me directly.

  2. It canít be October already! That means Fall Break is soon, and then Halloween. Iím not ready for either of those things

  3. I gotta get work done. Donít want to, but it needs to get done. Iím almost done with my astrology paper (yea!) and just need to do a bunch of reading after that. I have to actually read the current novel for my Fiction class, because Iím going to have to write a paper on it later.

  4. Weather. Itís being finicky again. It was all ready to snow on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday, the whole week kinda blurred together) and now itís nearly 80. Just gonna make the winter all the harsher later.

  5. Iíve been reading my copy of Kravenís Last Hunt, a Spider-Man story from the Ď80s, and the Afterword had the following quoted from Mark Gruenwald: ďMarvel doesnít need to revamp their characters. We got them right the first time.Ē I almost burst out laughing, then realized how it was kinda sad, actually. Yes, Iím a geek and know that, over the last decade, Marvelís gotten into the habit of fixing character or continuity problems by rewriting origins or just doing a huge, universe-spanning, reality-warping crossover (see Age of Apocalypse, Heroes Reborn, and now House of M). Theyíve sunk lower than I would like to admit. And this depresses me not only because I genuinely want to like Marvel, but because I feel like I grew up with some of these characters, and now theyíre not even the same people anymore. Yes, itís realistic that theyíve changed. But there are far more realistic ways to have them change than theyíve used (Legion kills Xavier in the past; Xavier goes insane and kills most of the ďcoreĒ Marvel heroes, but wait! Theyíre alive in a ďpocket dimensionĒ so they can come back again!; Scarlet Witch goes crazy and screws with history so her father, Magneto is a hero and rules a good chunk of the planet, and mutants are now the majority. And then there was the Clone Saga in Spider-ManÖ). I mean, really. If they feel like itís this difficult to work around existing stories and get new material, they need new talent. Go ask somebody who isnít responsible for the writing and get an outside viewpoint. Iím pretty damn sick of this stuff. And really, just once, Iíd like to see somebody actually stay dead. I know Jean Grey has been for a while now, but we all know sheíll be back eventually. She always is. Just like Magneto.