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Saturday, November 19, 2005

I feel smart!

Last week, ROse asked me if I wanted to join her college bowl team with Derek and...a friend of hers whose name escapes me at the moment so I feel like a jerk . I shrugged and said "sure", not really giving it a second thought. UNtil last night, when I realized that since I had promised Jess we'd go see the new Harry Potter movie (it was really good, BTW), I may very well have been late to the competition. THankfully, I got there just in time to take a seat and a buzzer and play in the first match. We did really well that round, and made it to the semi-finals. THen we shut out the other team in the first half of the semi-final round. THey played well and scored some points the second half, though, but just couldn't catch up to us.
The finals round was nerve-racking. We were backl by maybe 30-40 points at the half (that's only like, 2 questions), and Rose was sure we'd lost by the end of the round, but I'd been keeping loose track of how many questions both teams were answerring correctly, and wasn't so sure we'd lost. TUrns out I was right. We are now the school champion team for College Bowl! We're going to the regionals in Feb., and since it's a school "sport" now, Allegheny will pay our travel expenses! Woot!
I admit that I wasn't the most useful mamber of the team, but I did buzz in on a couple toss-ups (how come nobody else seemed to know our President has repeatedly refused to speak to the NAACP?) and was helpful on the bonuses, where we get to confer with team-mates (for five seconds, anyway) because, apparenly, I was the only one who knew the Nike symbol is called a "swoosh". I may not be the fastest with a buzzer, but I do know stuff. If only they'd asked about comic books... ;)


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