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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

School and Stuff

So yeah... School.
I dropped my Environmental Economics class, as I wasn't going to do well in it, considering I have no previous experience in Econ. I'll take Ecological Economics next semester, which is an Environmental Science course instead as this will also complete my minor. In place of this class, I am now taking Art and the Occult with Prof. Carr, who if you recall, I worked for briefly waaay back Freshman year.
THe rest of my classes seem to be going well so far. Except for the fact that Prof. Forbes, who was supposed to teach my forms of fiction class is apparently seriously ill and needs to take the rest of the semester off. Unfortunate as it's his first semester here, but I just hope he gets better. I think I'd have liked him. The class will continue, but will be taught by someone else. Also, Prof. Quinn is now the Chair of the English Department. What happened to Prof. Slote? I have no idea.

I've gotten a lot done outside of classes, too. I'm going back to work for Francesca on Wednesday (I was supposed to go in today, but she called and asked if I could come Wed. instead). I also bought a new flat panel monitor, as the one I was using was at least ten years old, and had ceased functioning correctly. I have decorated my room, and built a crude bookshelf.

I still need to:
1) get a parking permit
2) return books I won't be needing, i.e. my Env. Econ book and all the stuff Prof Forbes had us buy for his Historical Fiction class.
3) call the chiropractor.
4) meet with Amara Geffen to check and make sure all my requirements are met for the Art nd Environment minor. I think I've got them all (except the one I'm taking next semester), but I just want to make sure.


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