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Friday, September 09, 2005


Things still on my list:
1) Talk to Amara about my minor. She doesn't have office hours posted, so I should probably just e-mail her.
2)Get my meal plan changhed. The one I have isn't going to work. I need more munch money.
3)Get a parking pass. Will do this later today (in theory).
4) Get Kerry Bakken to sign a crdit/no credit slip for my Religious Studies class. I need to take sonmething this way now to relieve some of the academic pressure, and I think this class is the best choice as I don't need it for anything and it'll be tougher than my art history class.

In other news, Ben Slote has filled in for Prof. Forbes. This means a new syllabus, and I already returned all the books for the old one. It should be an interesting class , but I was kinda looking forward to historical fiction. Oh well.

And Jess's birthday is tomorrow! Yay!


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