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Monday, September 26, 2005

I really shouldn't have, but...

I went to the Renaissance Fair Saturday after all. It was fun. Kinda glad I went, ‘cause otherwise, Ade would have been going alone, and that’s no fun. Plus, it’s a Renfest. Those are always fun. I watched the Duelists. Three times. Yes, they were that good.

THe problem, of course was that I had homework to do for today, and I knew I was going to be in Erie all yesterday afternoon… But that was fun too. There was an art show at the Paper Moon (a local swanky bar/restaurant/art studio), which is why I went up there in the first place. That, and a chance to see my family, which is always nice. Mom leaves for Israel again on Friday, and she’s planning on stopping here in Meadville on Wednesday so we can spend some more time together. She gave me an early birthday present, too. Some very good-looking foodstuffs, and Alpaca wool, with which to feed both my mind and my knitting habit.
Which reminds me, her birthday is coming up quickly. I should get her something before she leaves.


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