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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Happy Birthdya Jess!

Well, I hope it was, anyway. She certainly seemed happy enough when I gave her that giant stuffed dog.
Despite my car deciding it doesn't want to start. I think there's a short in the engine, because jumping didn't help any. Geez. It seems like all my friends are plauged with bad karma (pun courtousy of Ade). First her, then Derek, then Nick, now me. Who's next? Heck, who else do I know that has a car?
In any case, Ade was nice enough to try jump-starting my Jeep, then give Jess and I a ride to Chovy's for dinner, which I had planned on doing. So I was nice enough to buy her dinner, too.

My mom, her parents and uncle Jimmy are gonna come down here tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing them, and this seems like a sign that Pop-Pop actually has the energy to get out of the house, which is definitely good.

Oh, also, a happy birthday (belated or early) to Joya, Sara, Amanda, Rose and Ganesh. Geez. So many birthdays right around now.


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