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Thursday, August 18, 2005

update from Chautauqua

Well then. Done a lot since last time I blogged.
I was in Fairfax for a few days last week, and got to see a bunch of people, which was nice.
I drove down to St. Mary's College of MAryland Friday morning to visit Sara Bodde, and ended up helping her move from one apartment to another. Not a real problem as it was just across a field on campus. Met her boyfriend too, which I'd been looking forward to. ENded up crashing on her futon, as I didn't want to fight the rush-hour traffic back to VIrginia that night. All made worse by the Wilson Bridge being closed for repairs (well, not closed, but down to one lane, so itmay as well be closed.) Oh, and I got a speeding ticket on the way down there. Oops.
After driving back Saturday morning and packing my stuff out of my uncle's house (I was house-sitting while they were on vacation) I drove over into Fairfax to visit with Katie Buoni. Sunday was her birthday, and I had thought I was going to be around for it, but oops again, I can't read a calander apparently. So I was glad to see her and wish her a happy birthday a little early. I've got something I'm going to mail to her now, too so she'll get a present from me albeit late. Met her boyfriend, too.
Drove out to Grandma's later that day, and spent the night there, where I met my parents. My mother had driven down with me, but spent ther time in Baltimore at a writers' conference. My father had arrived from Tel Aviv Friday morning. We left Sunday morning and drove up here to Chautauqua, where we'll spend two weeks in the condo my grandparents time-share. I'm taking some neat classes. I'm learning to knit this week, as well as taking a chess class, and next week I have two literature classes, one on short stories, the other on Grimm's Fairy Tales.
I currently have only limited internet access, as the condo has no computer, and the ones in the library (like the one I'm using now) fill up quickly and this was the earliest half-hour spot I could get when I came in on Monday to look.
In any case, I'm having a good time, and Pop-Pop seems to be doing okay for now. He's going through chemo again this week, so he's been pretty weak, but we're going over to the farm later so dad can show all his slides from Greece and Israel.
School starts again on the 1st of Sept., and I'm gonna move into the NEW Writer's House (down on Loomis Street somewhere) on the 28th, and hopefully be able to get a single on my Senior status since I will be comping this year and will need the privacy of not being interuppted.


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