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Saturday, August 06, 2005

BAck in the USA

Well, I got in early Thursday morning after a long and obnoxious flight with several small children. At least I got to see Madagascar. It was amusing, but not something I would have paid to see.
In any case, after getting off the plane in Newark, my ears were still bothering me. 'OK', I said, 'this should go away by the time I get to Erie.' It didn't. It still hasn't. I tried everything I could think of, thern finally got Mom to take me into the Emergency Room this morning. (I'm up at the Farm with Nana and Pop-pop, and I'm told that's the only real place you can go for any kind of medical attention) In any case, they were helpful and gave me a prescription for a nasal spray that seems to be helping. Hopefully, there will be less or no liquid stuck in my ears by the time I get to Fairfax on Tuesday.
Lovely story, isn't it?  


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