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Monday, August 29, 2005

back at school!

Got back to Allegheny yesterday and got moved into the new Writers' House (314 Loomis) despite not being able to pick up my keys. Thankfully, Crystal (Kristal? Cristyl? Too many ways to spell girls' names, dammit) had been there all month anyway, so I had no trouble getting in. Picked up my keys today and got a lecture about how I was suposed to call ahead to get them early, and I'd better not get into trouble.
In any case, while unpacking I was unable to find a few neccesary things... like sheets. ANd some of my towels. I suspect they remain at my grandparents' in Erie.
THankfully, I was up at the Wattsburg Fair today for my Uncle Jimmy's birthday, and my parent's brought me a set of sheets. I can go look for mine when I go up to Erie tomorrow night. YEs, I'm running all over the place these days, aren't I?

THe new house is really nice, and has a huge kitchen, and while it isn't as big as the old Writers' HOuse, it is in much better condition. Guess that's what happens when the school isn't lanning to knock it down; they actually take care of the place.


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