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Friday, July 29, 2005


Well, today was my last day. Now I just sit back and wait for two more paychecks to arrive in account... because it takes two weeks for them to do the processing and stuff. So one payment should be in Thursday, and another two weeks from then.
I learned things working at the Embassy. Like the fact that nobody really has a filing system. THey say they do, and they may think they do, but if anybody else has ever done their job before them, no real system exists. Mostly because nobody has the time to devise a sytem when they have other things to do, as any job does. Well, except a file clerk, I guess.
Two, I couldn't stand an office job. I just feel so inactive and useless sitting behind a desk all day. I got stuff done, but it just felt like less of an accomplishment because there's nop physical evidence for it when it's all on a computer.
Oh, and we've sorted out travel plans. Everything should proceed as was originally planned now. Hope to see some of my friends while I'm in Fairfax.


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