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Monday, July 11, 2005


Saw Batman Begins yesterday. It was actually quite good. The direcor does a good job, outside of fight scenes. Those were too dark and close to be able to tell what was going on.
And I think they made a good choice in picking villans. Neither the Scarecrow nor Rhaz Al Ghul is really a physical villian. They're thinkers. And that makes for a better character than just someone Batman needs to hit repeatedly until they fall over.
And there was even a reasonable explanation of why crimainals are afraid of a guy in a bat suit beyond 'he's mysterious and bats are creepy'.
Although, I admit I couldn't help getting annoyed at the complete incontinuity among the now five Batman movies. But there's precedent for that, so I can't really blame the director. I was kinda bugged by one thing more than any other- his parents get killed by some mugger who then gets killed later in the movie. In teh first Batman, you see them get killed by the guy who later becomes the Joker. I felt like that was too important a detail to alter like that. But I'm a geek, and probably just being too picky.


Anonymous said...

This movie is much more true to the comics in that the man that killed the Waynes was in fact simply some mugger. The Joker never entered into it. It was the first movie that had it wrong. I would tend to ignore the other movies entirely and view this as an entirely fresh start.

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