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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Work, day 2

I actually accomplished some things today. Not the things I wanted to accomplish, but they needed doing, and kept me busy, all the same. Like throwing out old magazines. And organizing files. Or printing out and alphabatizing information on the national parks.
Today was also the end of a pay period. Which seems odd, since it's Tuesday, and it would make sense for a pay period to end on say, a friday... or a Thursday, I guess, since most people around here either don't work Friday, or work a half day, then work Sunday instead. Shabbat and all that. But yeah... so I turned in my timecard by e-mail, because I was told I could, and hopefully I'll get paid for my 16 hours. I'm not entirely sure I will, as I haven't done everything I was supposed to by now, but oh, well. I hope there aren't any problems, cause I'd like to have the money. Not that there's much I care to spend it on.


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