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Sunday, June 19, 2005

why my father should listen when I talk about electronics

one thing that's been frustrating my father since he got here is trying to get a local DVD player for the local TV set he bought that's in the computer room. He had a little one that he'd gotten for when he was in Afghanistan, but apparently never used. I say this because he didn't realize until I was here in january that it couldn't play any of the DVDs that we have. So that was no use. We went out today, and he bought another DVD player, but I tried to tell him in the store that it wouldn't play our DVDs either, despite what the sales guy said. As usual, he ignored my advice and bought the thing anyway. I just plugged it in and showed him that, hey! I was rigfht after all! It only plays region 2 DVDs. All ours, which are made in the US, are region 1 DVDs. Why this is the case, or why it all matters is a little beyond me, but once again, I was right about the electronics, but he ignored me and wasted time and money on it. Now he needs to waste more time returning it so he doesn't waste money.
But I'm going to try to be a good son on Father's Day and not rub it in.


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