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Thursday, June 23, 2005

well, this is just great.

Today was not a good day. NOt a bad day, but not a good one.
It was just a lot of little things bunching together. Like somebody complaining about my attitude when I answered the phone at some point the other day. I have no idea what they mean, unless they expect to be treated like royalty. Either they have me confused with someone else or they just have impossibly high standards for everybody except themselves. I didn't take it very seriously, and neither did Pat, but still. It still kinda stings, y'know?
And later, the HR person came to tell me the Foreign Affairs Ministry lost the paperwork that we turned in to them, so I need to fill that out again tomorrow. Again, no biggie, but it's a pain. By the time the paperwork actually goes through, I'll be gone. Stupid bearaucracy. Haste it hate it hate it.
And I spent all day reading through boring and poorly written material, proof-reading. Believe me, it needed it.
And my parents have this party planned for Saturday for the Summer Hires, and I feel like nobody's gonna show up, but maybe I'm just being paranoid and depressed.
Oh, and I think I accidentally ate meat at dinner. My mom bought these things which she thought wetre vegetable-burgers, but I swear they tasted like turkey or something. The texture was very meat-like, too. And I can't tell what's actually in them, because all the words on the package are in Hebrew. And now I feel ill. BUt that could be psychsomatic.
Bah! Just want the day to be over.


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