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Sunday, June 19, 2005

8:30am, Sunday morning.

ick. hadn't planned on being up this early today, buit I just couldn't sleep. At least I remembered to turn off my alarm yesterday after it woke me up at 6:15 and completely confused me about what day it was. I'll probably go back to bed later, anyway to my nice dark room. THe windows hace these wonderful shutters on them that keep out the nasty daylight ;) I ;eave them open during the weeek because it's easier for me to wake up naturally to the sun a few minutes earlier than the blaring of my alarm clock. Not that it's ever easy getting up that early. Oh well, it's gotta be done.

Rosie seems to be doing better now. She's still keeping weight off her leg, but she's more or less back to her old, attention-demanding self, which makes me thing the pain is more or less gone. Probably feels good to not have bones rubbing together inside your body, huh?

I've been playing games with people the last few days, and I just haven't played as well as I could. I mean, these are games I'm usually pretty good at, too-- chess, Scrabble, crossword puzzles... computrer solitaire. I think my brain is just exhausted by the end of the week from work and a lack of decent sleep. Hopefully I'll sleep better now that the air conditioning seems to be working again.

Oh, and Friday was the first of a series of lunch meetings with the other summer hires at the embassy. We heard various people pretty much tell us how much they love their jobs and that we should try to be like them. Ick. But it got me out of work for an hour, and my boss baked cookies for us, so I really can't complain. Also gave me the chance to at least see all the summer hires, if not get to know them.


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