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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Now that I'm a little more with it...

We went out for Indian food last night. Have leftovers in the fridge, that's dinner tonight, too. Dad went and got Rosie this morning, as well as a few grocieries, so now I won't starve. Rosie's a really sweet dog, and just wants to know she isn't alone. SHe's perfectly content to just lie on the floor in the same room as I type this. I can tell her hip is bothering her though. She limps a little sometimes, and I can tell it hurts for her to get up. She'll go in for the surgery on her other hip next week. I'm afraid she won't be running much after that for a while, but it's for the best.
Been getting my body clock adjusted, and just lounging around watching TV and reading most of the day. Will probably take some time later to compose an e-mail to send out to everybody. Maybe. (3:45pm, local time)


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