Sunday, April 03, 2005

what can I say? I just haven't felt like blogging recently. Not that nothing's been going on, I just haven't felt like sharing, I guess. I've been feeling depressed and rundown, but now the weather is getting nice, and Spring Break gave me some time to recharge (not nearly enough, though).

But now I have some things I want to say.
I got a lot done at work with Franxesca this week, so I feel accomplished with that.
I also went with a bunch of the ARGO (Allegheny Role-playing and Gaming Organization) kids to see Sin City up in Erie Friday night. It's extremely violent, but amazingly well done, and true to Frank Miller's vision in the graphic novels. Instead of making a comic into a movie, the director chose to make the movie look and feel like a comic book.
I was sad to hear that the pope had died. As a Protestant, I felt free to disagee with him on a lot of issues, like abortion and gay marriage, but since he was head of the Catholic Church, I really din't expect him to trake any other stance. And he did do a lot of good while he was Pope. I just hope that whoever they choose to replace him will continue his good work and not be like so many Popes of the past who were self-serving and underhanded.


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