Wednesday, April 06, 2005

News from the front

Gas is more expensive than ever. I need to fill my tank, but I've been putting it off becuase I'd also like to buy food this week, and I really can't do both (this is not an exaggeration. I can get food on campus, so I may as well fill the tank and not go out this week. Gas is well over $2 a gallon. I pay $2.10-$2.15 depending where I am in the state, and in NY it's like, $2.20 a gallon. THis means it will cost me $40-$50 to actually fill my tank completely. THis is what I pay (literally) for having what is now a moderate-sized SUV.
Also, the people were here selling class rings the last couple days, and mom reminded me I should buy one. Unfortunately, I didn't get that e-mail until they were already gone. C'est la vie; they'll be back.
In other news, yesterday was Bridget's birthday, so I joined her and some other people at one of Meadville's many bars. I have little cash and no desire to drink, but I wasa there for good company, ot bar culture.


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