Thursday, February 17, 2005

Accomplished so far

1) Turned in the paper for my incomplete today.
2) Just got the car back from the mechanic's. Got an oil change and my headlights fixed. There was other stuff I wanted them to look at but I'm glad I didn't have them do it, 'cause I couldn't really afford the work they did do. It turns out that they needed to replace the switch on my headlights and not just the bulbs, so it cost a lot more than I had planned on, and I didn't have adequate funds on my VIsaBuxx card, so $30 came out of my checking account to cover costs, leaving me with like, $10.75 in there (thank GOd I wasn't overdrawn, though. I was worried for a minute).

I reiterate: February is the Worst. Month. EVER.

Had a good Valentine's Day, though, so that's a plus. Went to Chovy's with Jess, which was nice. I was kinda annoyed because they only offered a limited menu because they were really busy. This limited our choices even more of course because we're vegetarians. But it was a fun time nonetheless. Jess got me a Simpsons comic book, some Simpsons Duff mints, and Nintendo fuzzy dice for my rearview mirropr with little 1-up mushrooms on them. Yay for Jess!


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