Saturday, January 15, 2005

was up in Galilee yesterday. Saw the church of the beattitudes, the church of the multiplication (supposedly where Jesus did the whole thing with the fish and the loaves), as well as Caperneaum, where he spent a lot of his time as St Peter was from there.
Went up the mountain in the afternoon to get a look at an artist's colony, but the roads were confusing and we got lost repeatedly. Plus, it beaing nearly Sabbat (which begins Fri at sundown), everything was closed by the time we got there, so we were lucky to grb the last three slices of pizza from this little hole in the wall place that was still open. There were a few galleries open still, and they had neat stuff, but it would be good to see everything. Oh well. Some other time. PRobably could have gotten there earlier if Dad hadn't wanted to go to Bet'saida (mostly because it sounds like Bethesda, where his mother lives. There wsn't a whole lot there- a big hill wit a semi-decent view of the sea of Galilee (which is actually a lake, because it's fresh water)


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