Thursday, November 04, 2004


Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Dissapointed perhaps but not surprised. Things didn't go the way I wanted, but I had my say in them, so I feel good. And I'm pretty sure, as Ade has pointed out, that we will all survive another four years under W.
It was a close race, yes, but I feel like Kerry did the right thing by conceding when he did. He didn't really stand much of a chance, and politically, it was a good idea not to drag everything out like we did last time. People wanted a clear answer, and nobody would have heard the end of it if he'd fought decisions all the way no matter how it turned out in the end.
I have considered leaving the country after I graduate, but ultimately it will be an issue of affordability and desire at the time. I would get out more than halfway through the president's second term, so it seems kinda pointless. Still want to leave for my own mental health and the experience of living abroad on my own for once. Greece is nice. Maybe I'll think some more about going there.
Which reminds me: there's an EL Term in Greece again this summer, and I really want to go -- it's with my advisor and her husband, both of whom I've had literature and creative writing classes with, and I really like them both. Plus, they know Greece really well, and won't take us to the touristy places. He's promised us that.


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