Wednesday, October 13, 2004

well, today was exciting

so, I found this in my e-mail in-box yesterday:

"Vice President Richard Cheney has announced plans to attend a Bush/Cheney ’04
Town Meeting with supporters from Crawford, Erie and Mercer Counties on
Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the Wise Center. Although this is a private event,
hosted by Bush/Cheney ’04, closed-circuit viewing will be available for members
of the campus community on the campus cable system on channel 12. Observers will
also be accommodated on the brick patio outside the northeast landing of the
Campus Center and across the street at parking lot #9. For security reasons, the
Wise Center will be closed on Wednesday from 6 a.m. until about 1 p.m. Also on
Wednesday morning, Highland Street will be closed between John Street and East
College Street, and no parking will be permitted in lots #5 and #6 (the lots
south of the Wise Center and north of Edwards Hall) and lot #9 (north of the
Campus Center off Highland). The Safety and Security Office will not issue
parking tickets on campus on Tuesday evening or Wednesday.While its facilities
may be rented as available, Allegheny College is neither the host nor the
sponsor of the Town Meeting with Vice President Cheney and does not endorse any
political party or individual candidate. Through the Center for Political
Participation, however, Allegheny encourages members of our community to become
involved in, and work to improve, the electoral processes that shape our
democracy.Student fellows from the Center for Political Participation will host
a public discussion of the role of the vice presidential candidates in this
year’s political campaign on Thursday at 7 p.m. in Henderson Auditorium of
Quigley Hall. For more information about the CPP discussion, please call

He was indeed here this morning. Of course, I couldn't go see him, and I had class during his speech, so I didn't see him on TV either. Oh well. My blood-pressure's probably healthier for having ignored him completely.
It was enjoyable, however, to have my journalism professor bring up this message and spend the first fifteen minutes of class pointing out that it really isn't a 'town meeting' if only some people from the town (read: republicans) are allowed into it. Also, the disclaimer at the end just felt like they're covering their own asses, as a disclaimer really shouldn't be neccesary otherwise.

Also, my VisaBuxx card arrived today. Rather later than I expected, but apparently due to the wrong address being printed on it despite my being told that that address is the one I should use. I'll have to talk to the lady who works in the post office about this to make sure they haven't randomly decided to change my address without telling me.
Long story short, I can't use the card anyway since it's been suspended, so now I wait for my parents to fix that, and hopefully change the address they have as it si our old address and we don't live there anymore.


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