Monday, August 09, 2004

notes from Michigan

1) sharing a room with my uncle Jimmy is like trying to sleep through a freight train derailing on top of you. He snores louder than anybody I've ever heard. And that's saying something.

2) there's a sign by my uncle Bob's place that says "Speed Limit 21" wanted to take a picture, but never got around to it.

3) Strange thing my Aunt said to me: "Ben, glad to see you got leied" if you don't understand why I did a doubletake, say it out loud.

4) Sleeping in my cousin's bed Saturday night was weird. Less noisy that the rest of the week, but kindy weird, 'cause she's a girl. Not a particularly femenine one, but it always make me uncomfoortable sleeping in a girl's bed. It just feels, I dunno... foreign.


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