Thursday, July 15, 2004


so work today (okay, technically yesterday) was, um... busy. I did get sombody to take my shift Saturday so I can go to the beach, though. Yay. a weekend with grandma. :but anyway... everything was going just fine (apart from getting my arm scratched up by an overly-affectionate dog with freshly clipped nails) until I started walking the dogs at five. First dog I take out just up and collapses on me. I was seriously worried that he'd chosen right then to die(Grwler's not exactly young), but he seemed okay afer I got him inside and had a tech look at him. In retrospect, it may have been a stroke, or low blood sugar or something (not sure if he's a diabetic... it's possible). So after getting that dealt with, and reassuring myself that I wasn't going to get blamed for a dead dog, I take the next one out. He proceeds to drip bloody diarrhea all over the grass. Okay, that's unpleasant, but I felt bad for him, and knew he'd been having problems already. So then his owner (god, I hate calling them that. you can't really own a living animal, can you?) shows up while I've got him outside. Not wanting to get yelled at by her for the whole thing (although I know she knew, but still), I take Lucky inside to clean him up. Repeatedly.
Thnkfully everything worked out in the end, and I went home. And I get paid tomorrow (okay okay, technically later today).


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