Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The Story of the last week

Well now, lessee...
THanksgiving was great. Nancy makes a great turkey. hjow she manages with 3 kids, a dog, a husband, and a job is beyond me.
Saw Sara and Katie while I was in Fairfax, hung out, made snickerdoodle cookies (think I'll have one now)
Got back to school, and found out that my monitor is broken! THankfully, Tristan had his computer sitting under his bed, so I'm using that. But wait, there's more! the problem wasn't just my monitor, but my computer as well. Was afraid I'd have to reinstall Windows, but I think it heard me threaten to do so, and actually did what it was supposed to and fixed itself. THanks for your expert advice, Adam!
Am now goingh to back up everything I can onto CD just in case. ANd you wonder why I'm so paranoid.