Tuesday, April 09, 2002

I've realized I never posted further info about my trip to Beijing... for all intents and purposes: BIIIIIGGGGG Wall!!
Now that that's over with, I can get on to the MUN part... it was well worth the trip, and seeing Demi and the Dobies was really nice, too. They're all doing well.
I was really amazed at the number of good-looking girls at the conference... France, Oman, Georgia... and that was just people I dealt with personally, which limits it to ECOSOC, and doesn't even say anything about the floor secs.
Speaking of which, I have an interesting story about one of them...
On Sat after lunch when everybody was tired, she had been assigned to our council to pass our notes and such. SHe was wearing this tight lowcut sleeveless top, which I recall thinking was insane given the weather. But in any case, I swear that it got lower every time I saw her. Its not like I was looking, but its hard not to notice ;)
SO anyway, she came over towards the end to pick up a note from Greece, who was next to me (Germany), and I look up just to see what's going on, and one of her nipples was showing! It really threw me off at first, because it was unexpected, but I was sorely temted to do something about it. ("Point of personal priveledge: could the floor sec kindly cover her nipple, its extremely distracting!")