Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Well, my life has gotten interesting recently... I was out all Sunday, first to Church, then out with FISSH for ice-skating and go-karting and stuff, then to Anne-Marie's surprise party.
I was really proud of myself for managing to skate without falling on my ass ;) I also played an several games of air-hockey, which kicks ass! Stephanie beat me the first time, then I beat Colin and Jaclyn. I really whupped Stephanie in the second game, 7 to 1.
Nearly kiled myself go-karting, too... I tried to say that it wasn't safe, but they wouldn't listen...
I was fine til we went for lunch. It really shouldn't take an hour to get me a tiny pizza, no matter how busy they are. I get really funky when my blood-sugar drops... I'm half comatose and really peeved

But anyway... I managed to get to the party before Anee-Marie showed up, so I was there for the surprise... gotta love that girl, I tell ya... She's the greatest. We finished off a bottle of champagne among the bunch of us, feasted on cake and pizza, then ended up playing truth or dare for a while and making fun of Christoff and Nathan. It was actually pretty fun, even though nobody would blow the wine bottle like they were asked... Anne-Marie came closest to it, but she couldn't stop laughing because everybody was watching. But then again, she had been asked originally to 'do' the bottle, so it's not quite the same (don't blame me for that one, it was another girl who dared her to). That would have just been too freaky and fetishy for my taste anyway (personally, I'd rather see her topless, but that's just me...) And I did find out some useful stuff about my friends, so it wasn't totally wasted. On the plus side, they didn't find out anything about me they couldn't figure out for themselves, either, so I got off easy.
Anne-Marie seemed pleased with my gift if her reaction the next day was any indication... I bought her a ring, a corny card and a Dr. Suess book (the Sneetches, if you really want to know)... You can never go wrong giving a girl jewellry, remember that, guys.
I swear, if I had a decent spine and wasn't so damn insecure, I'd ask that girl out, but well... maybe. It had better be soon if I do, I'm only around for another four months....

THat about covers the stuff anybody would care to know, so, until next blog- "A little slice of death never hurt anybody"