Welcome to the resources page for the new Marathon Infinity Total Conversion scenario Trojan II: Rage. This is a private work area for the T2 group, so if you've stumbled across us by accident, please leave us in peace. Thanks.

If you are looking for The Weapons Pump For Trojan page goHere.

The availble Trojan II resources are:

Brand spanking new -- the T2 Screen Shots Gallery! This week featuring pics of the eye-candy in progress Hades level Teradyne.

The very first version of Trojan II! Hot, hot hot! This package contains versions 0.1 of the T2 app and the new T2 Shapes file, plus a selection of test maps including a full Depot level! WOW!(trojan_tl_shapes.bin, 4,400K)

The most current version (0.5) of the Trojan II Style Guide. (trojan2_style_guide.bin 106K) Version 0.5 has the full T2 plot synopsis. This is a must have for all project members!

HAS sketches and concept art for some of the new T2 monsters. Cool! (sketches_and_concepts.bin 655K)

Here is an HAS concept sketch of the new T2 weapon-in-hand gauntlet. (hand_and_glove.bin 60K)

A selection of sample, ambient loop examples. These are taken from ZPC and EMR (Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge) and is for all our T2 M-ambient musicians. (loops_for_tony.bin 4,314K)

Trojan II: Rage is another quality project brought to you by the Antarctica Corporation.

You can reach the Director and Head Lunatic for T2, Christopher Veres, here!

This space for the Trojan II web page is provided by The Obscure Organization, and they damn cool for doing it!